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Getting Started Step 3 - Automate Reports
Getting Started Step 3 - Automate Reports

Third and final step in getting started with Calxa

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To take advantage of Calxa’s powerful reporting engine, we recommend setting up some automation which will save you time every month. There are essentially two steps to this:

  1. Set up Report Bundles

  2. Create Workflows to trigger the delivery

Set Up Report Bundles

Report bundles help you save time by saving sets of reports and documents into complete management reporting packs.

  1. During your trial sign up, Calxa will have created a sample bundle for you, but you'll probably want to edit that or create your own. Create a Bundle using a pre-configured kit.

  2. Add a Report to a Bundle - select from any of the templates in the report builder to make your own bundles.

  3. Add a Document to a Bundle - to create cover pages, executive summaries and notes.

Create Workflows

During your trial sign up, you may have already chosen to have reports sent to you monthly. In this case you will already have a Workflow configured to sync with your accounting data and send you a sample report bundle. However, you can set up your own workflows for different actions:

  1. Sync your accounting system data

  2. Generate and deliver report bundles

This help note Set up a Workflow will walk you through step-by-step.

Other Things You Can Do With Calxa

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