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Only Calxa subscription owners and co-owners can invite users to access their subscription. Once a user is invited the owner or co-owner can then set that user's specific workspace and business unit permissions.

This help note explains how to invite a user.

Navigate to:
Settings -> Billing & Admin -> Manage Users

This will open the Admin screen in a new browser tab

Note: to go back to Calxa, either go back to the previous tab or click on your name and choose the Workspace from the drop down list.

  1. This will bring you to the Admin screen. Click on Invite User.

  2. Enter the email address of the person you want to invite. The user will be set as a Workspace User by default, however you can click the drop-down to make them a Subscription Co-owner or Free Advisor if preferred.

    A Workspace User can update existing organisations but cannot create new ones. They can be assigned full access, partial access or no access to budgeting and reporting on specific organisations and business units. When a user is added they are set up with no access by default. See the Set User Permissions help note for further details about the access types.

    A Subscription Co-owner can add and update organisations and invite users to all workspaces. They also have full budgeting and reporting access.

    A Free Advisor can update organisations and has full budgeting and reporting access. This user type does not count towards your subscription user capacity.

    Note: If you have reached your subscription user capacity the Invite User button will be disabled (greyed out), you may remove an existing user or purchase additional capacity - this can only be done by the subscription payer.

  3. Make your selection of user type and click INVITE USER

  4. If the user you invited has never registered an email with Calxa they will receive an invitation email. They are required to click the Accept Invitation button to accept the invitation and register. This is also when they will set their password.

    User Invitation

    If the user you invited already uses Calxa Online they will receive an invitation email letting them know they've been invited. They can click the Accept & Sign In button to sign into your workspace.

    Once invited they can open your workspace from within the app by switching workspaces.

  5. For details on how to set workspace and organisation permissions please see the Set User Permissions help note.

  6. Refer to the Delete a User help note for instructions on how to remove a user.

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