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Note: The NDIA Bulk Claims feature is currently supported for MYOB AccountRight online only.
Calxa will consider other accounting systems based on customer demand - please email helpme@calxa.com to register your interest.

Organisations who are registered providers with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) have access to the NDIS Provider Portal to make bulk claims. Claims are made by uploading a specifically formatted CSV file containing claim details. Calxa provides a feature to help you easily create the required CSV file.

The first step to creating NDIA bulk claims is to enable the feature in Calxa. This help note will explain how to do that.

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Organisation Settings -> General.

  2. Click on the toggle to the left of Enable NDIA Bulk Claims to turn on this feature. It will turn green when enabled.

    Navigate to General Settings

  3. Enter your NDIS Registration number in the box to the Right.

  4. Click SAVE CHANGES at top right

  5. After you click Save Changes, an NDIA Portal menu will be added in the orange menu across the top.


To complete the full process please follow the instructions in our other NDIA Bulk Claims help notes:

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