Workflows allow you to save time by automating tasks such as syncing the organisation data from your accounting system and generating and delivering report bundles to your email inbox. You can manually start a workflow or have it automatically triggered at a scheduled time.

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Create a Workflow

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Workflows.

  2. Click New Workflow.

  3. Click into the area where you see My new workflow and type in a workflow name that you will be able to easily identify in a list.

  4. Click on Add Action to add the first action to be taken in your workflow.

  5. To sync the organisation data from your accounting system, click on the Select an action drop-down and then select Organisation update.

  6. Click on the Select an organisation drop-down that now appears and pick the organisation you would like to update in this workflow. Click Save Action.

    If you have multiple organisations to sync, Click Add Action again to add the next one.

  7. After you have saved the first action in the workflow, click on the Add Workflow button at the top right.

  8. To add an action to run your report bundle click on Add Action again. Note: The Add Action button will open be visible after you have clicked on the Add Workflow button as shown in the step above.

  9. Select Generate & send report bundle from the Select an action drop down. Next click on the Select report bundle drop-down and select the bundle you want to run.

    Now enter the email address of the users you want to receive the report bundle in the Send to field. User email addresses should be separated by a semi-colon (;). Click Save Action.

    Note: You can add actions to sync and run reports on multiple organisations all within one workflow.

    Note 2: Many users will have at least 2 separate workflows: One to sync their organisation data, then a 2nd workflow to sync organisation(s) data, run report bundle(s) and email them out to a distribution list.

  10. When you choose to generate & send a report bundle and include the email address(es) of recipients, each recipient will receive an email from that looks similar to the image below. The selected report bundle document will be attached.

Schedule a Workflow (Triggers)

A workflow can be configured to run automatically on a trigger. A schedule trigger is available currently. Additional conditional triggers will be added later as they are developed. You can also choose to run a workflow manually.

  1. To configure a workflow to run automatically, click the button next to 'Activate this workflow any time one of the following events occurs'. Then click on Add Trigger.

  2. To configure a schedule, select the time and days and frequency (monthly or weekly) you would like the workflow to run and click Save Trigger.

    Set the 24h time for when you want the workflow to run - Calxa suggests late night or early morning so you can receive your reports in your inbox in the morning. The UTC time should be set to the timezone where you live.

    In the example below, the workflow will run on the 10th day of each month at 4:00 am Brisbane time.


    In this example the workflow will run every Monday at 2:00 am Brisbane time.


  3. Note you can set up more than one scheduled trigger. The workflow below will run every Monday, and once a month on the 10th day of the month.

  4. You can also run an automatic workflow manually at any time by clicking the Run Now button at the top right of the workflow screen.

  5. To choose to only run a workflow manually, click the button next to 'Only activate this workflow manually' in the Triggers section.

    The status of the running or completed workflow will be displayed after you click Run Now. Click Refresh to update the status (did not run, running, succeeded, failed).

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