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Create an Automated Workflow
Create an Automated Workflow

Automate your reports with workflows.

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Workflows allow you to save time by automating tasks such as generating and delivering report bundles to your email inbox. You can manually start a workflow or have it automatically triggered at a scheduled time.

For further information on workflows, please see:

Create a Workflow

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Workflows then click New Workflow.

  2. Enter a name in the Name of your workflow field.

  3. Click ADD action to add the first automated action to your workflow.

    Name your workflow and add first action

  4. Select an action from the dropdown and configure it's properties.
    ​Tip:πŸ’‘to add multiple actions/steps, first complete the new workflow process and then you can add additional actions.

    1. Generate & Send report bundle

      1. Choose the Report Bundle you would like to send.

      2. Choose Last Month or This Month to determine what report period will be used in your bundle.

      3. Choose PDF or Excel as the format the report will be attached in.

      4. Enter Send to email addresses

      5. Click SAVE ACTION

    2. Sync Data with Accounting System

      Data sync runs automatically each day, however if you wish to program an additional run:

      1. Choose an Organisation to sync

      2. Click SAVE ACTION

  5. You can optionally add a trigger to run the workflow on a chosen schedule.
    ​Tip:πŸ’‘To add additional triggers, first complete the new workflow process and then you can add additional triggers.

    1. Select Activate this workflow any time one of the following events occurs

    2. Configure the Monthly or Weekly schedule


    Add trigger and save


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