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Categorise, sort, format and build your own custom KPI formulas in the KPI builder.

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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are a performance measurement tool commonly used to evaluate the success of your organisation or business units' goals and targets.

With Calxa Premier you can create custom KPI formulas and edit the KPI number format for default KPIs. Steps for running KPI reports and charts are outlined in the KPI Reporting help note.

Add a New KPI

  1. Navigate to Reports -> KPIs -> KPI Builder.

  2. Click Add new KPI.

  3. Enter KPI name, Target Type and click ADD NEW KPI.

    โ€‹Tip: ๐Ÿ’กTarget type is used to calculate variances as unfavourable or negative.

Edit KPI Formula

A KPI Formula contains the following components and operators.

  • Account Groups: a named selection of accounts from your accounting data.

  • Metrics: additional values entered directly in Calxa.

  • Constants: True, False & Null can be used for conditional calculations.

  • Functions: conditional and mathematical formulas.

  • KPIs: use other KPIs as part of this KPI calculation.

  • Operators: mathematical operators to build your formula.

  1. To build your formula start typing in the Formula definition area and use the auto-complete suggestion to insert the Account Groups, Metrics or Other KPIs.

  2. You can optionally also use the COMPONENTS and/or OPERATORS menus to search and insert build your formula.

  3. When your formula is complete click SAVE CHANGES.

Format KPI Numbers

  1. Set formatting properties and click SAVE CHANGES

    KPI type: display results as a currency, decimal or percentage.
    โ€‹Decimal places: choose how many decimal places to display.
    โ€‹Display format: choose a format for negatives and thousand separators.
    โ€‹Target type: defines how unfavourable or negative variances to budget will be calculated.

    Number formatting options for KPIs

Categorise and Order KPIs

The order in which you see KPIs in this menu is also the order in which they will be displayed. Categorising KPIs helps to group them in a logical containers that can be sorted at a high level and then you can apply a custom sort order within each category.

Add New Category

  1. Click Add new Category.

  2. Enter Category name, Position and click ADD NEW CATEGORY.

Categorise KPIs

  1. Change the Category in the KPI properties.

Reorder Categories

  1. Click settings cog next to one of the category names and select Reorder.

  2. Use drag and drop to reorder the categories.

  3. Click SAVE ORDER.

    Reorder categories with drag and drop

Reorder KPIs

  1. Use drag and drop to reorder KPIs within categories.

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