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Add a Report to a Bundle
Add a Report to a Bundle

You can add any report to a bundle and save all the settings

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Reports are added to a bundle from the Reports Builder screen. After you've created your bundle go the Reports Builder and select the report template you want to use.

Once you've selected your template you will set your report criteria as described in the help note Set Report Criteria.

  1. When you are satisfied with the report criteria as set, click on the ellipsis to the right of the Refresh button and select Add to Bundle.

  2. A box will pop up with a Report bundle drop-down.

  3. Select the bundle you want to add the report to from the drop-down.

    • You can optionally create a new bundle. To add a report to a new report bundle select Create new bundle.

    • Type the name of your bundle in the Name field. Populate the Reference field as desired (optional).

      You have the option to display the name of your bundle at the top of the bundle. To do so, tick the checkbox next to Display the bundle title within the generated bundle.

      Click Create Bundle & Add Report.

  4. Next, populate the Name and Reference fields. Type the name you'd like to use for your report in the Name field. A Reference can be used to add notes for yourself about this report (optional).

  5. You have an option to display the name you've given your report in the report header rather than the Calxa default report name. To do so tick the checkbox next to Change the report title in the bundle.

  6. Click Add Report. Now you will be brought to the Bundles screen. The report you added will be listed at the bottom of the list of reports in the bundle.

  7. For detailed instructions on how to edit and run your report bundle as well as add a document to a bundle see the other Bundles help notes.

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