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Getting Started Step 2 - Run Reports
Getting Started Step 2 - Run Reports

Second step in getting started with Calxa

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Calxa has an extensive range of reporting templates. You can choose from standard financial statements to the more complex cost centre reports. When you first start, you can filter the library using these categories:

  • Actual vs Budget

  • Forecast

  • Bank

  • Statutory

  • Troubleshooting

  • Business Unit

  • Multiple Budgets


All reports support multiple entity consolidations (where sensible).

Get Started with the Report Builder

Follow these steps to familarise yourself with our report template library:

Business Unit Reporting

To report on your cost centres, divisions, projects or programs use Report on Business Units to guide you. This will show you how to leverage your accounting system using jobs, tracking categories or customers/classes/locations.

Multiple Company Reporting

There are a few more steps to take to consolidate your companies and report at a consolidated level. This help note Consolidate Multiple Organisations will walk you through the process.

Re-Group Account Structure

To re-order or summarise your chart of accounts, create Account Trees. You can then add the account tree to your report.


Before you run reports, make sure you are working with the latest data from your accounting system. You can manually sync an organisation actuals at any time before running reports or Create an Automated Workflow to schedule this task.

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