Account Trees in Calxa provide a truly flexible structure for mapping your chart of accounts from your accounting system to suit many different reporting requirements. You can regroup, rearrange and summarise your accounts, plus restructure the Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet layouts.

In this help article we look specifically at creating a new tree but we have the following related articles about Account Trees.

  1. To navigate to Account Trees go to:
    Settings -> Organisation Settings -> Account Trees
    Reports -> Report Tools -> Account Trees

  2. Select your organisation from the Selected Organisation dropdown.

Create an Account Tree

There are 3 ways you can create a new Account Tree.

  1. Copy your Default account tree

  2. Create an Empty Tree

  3. Copy an Account Tree

Copy your Default account tree

This method copies the default tree which is your accounting system chart of accounts and standard reporting layout. This allows you to start with the standard layout and then edit from there.

  1. Select the Default account tree in the left navigation and then click the Copy icon.

    Copy default tree
  2. Give the tree a name and click Create Tree

    Create Tree

Create an Empty Tree

This method creates a new tree with no accounts allocated allowing you to build a new structure from scratch. It does create the most common Category structure so you can then add the Headers you need.

  1. Click New account tree in the left navigation.

    New account tree button
  2. Give the tree a name and click Create Tree

    Create Tree

Copy an Account Tree

This method takes a tree you have already created and copies it. You can copy to all or any of the organisations in your workspace. If you are using a tree for multi-org consolidation this allows you to create the tree once and then copy to all companies. See Consolidate Multiple Organisations for more details on consolidated reporting.

  1. First select the tree you would like to copy and then click the settings cog to open the drop down menu.

    Selected Tree Context Menu
  2. Select Copy tree from the dropdown menu.

    Copy tree
  3. Select the organisation or organisations you would like to copy the tree to.

    Select organisations to copy to

    Note: you may select the same organisation you are copying from to duplicate within the same organisation.

  4. Give the new tree a name and click Copy Tree

    Name tree
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