Consolidate Multiple Organisations

How to group multiple entities, from any accounting system, for reporting purposes, including elimination of inter-company accounts

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In Calxa Premier you can consolidate multiple organisations to display their combined Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Cashflow Forecast reports. This help article and video provide an overview of how to create consolidated reports with links to related articles and videos providing more detail.


1. Add all Organisations to the same Workspace

To consolidate multiple organisation you must first ensure you have imported each organisation into the same Workspace. See the following articles for details on adding organisations.

2. Create Organisation Group

An organisation group is more then just a selection of organisations. An Organisation Group saves the list of Organisations to consolidate as well as the Reporting Currency and each organisations Budget and Account Tree settings. So if you need some consolidated reports in one currency and some in another currency or perhaps some with different budgets you will create a group for each of these cases.

See this help article for how to Create an Organisation Group.

3. Run a Multiple Organisation Consolidated Report

  1. First Select the report template you'd like to use.

  2. Now in the Report Builder Preview screen click on the Organisation drop-down menu.

  3. Select your Organisation Group from the drop-down menu.

    Organisation drop-down menu
  4. Click Refresh Report and the report will be generated consolidating all the organisations in the group with the settings saved in the group.

4. Improved Consolidated Reports

Create Common Account Structure for Consolidation

If you're consolidating multiple organisations that are either from different accounting systems or don't have the same chart of account structure, then you may wish to consider using an Account Tree to define the way all the accounts merge in the consolidation. See Account Tree: Create Structure and Account Tree: Mapping Accounts for details.

Account Trees for Elimination Entries

This step is also optional, but if you require eliminating certain inter-company accounts from your consolidation then this is done using an Account Tree. See Account Trees for Elimination Entries for details.

Currencies & Foreign Exchange Translations

Calxa provides fully automated foreign currency translations in your consolidated reports. See Currencies & Exchange Rates for details.

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