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Select a Report Template

How to find the report you need

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The Template Select screen is the place where you will search for and select report templates to run. Templates you want to run regularly can be added to a Bundle.

Browse and Search Report Templates

Navigate to Reports -> Builder.

By Type

Select from Profit and loss, Balance Sheet, Cashflow or Charts.

Browse templates by Profit & loss, Balance Sheet and Cashflow.

Favourites & Recently Used

The Recently used menu contains a list of your most recently used report templates.

You can also save templates to your personal Favourites by clicking the Star Icon. Click again to remove from your personal favourites.

Saving favourites and browsing recently used.

Filter and Search

Use the report data, report period filters and search box to filter the report templates further.

Filter and search report templates.

Report period types

Custom Range: report period is a custom date range, where you choose a start and finish period.

Financial Year: periods are determined by your financial year and reports often include multiple ranges like month, year to date and full year.

Multiple Periods: report includes multiple consecutive periods like 12 months, 8 quarters or 5 years.

Preview & Run Reports

Click the Preview icon to view a pop-up preview. You'll quickly see a sample report, so you can see what a report will be like before generating it in full.

To generate a report, click the Play icon or anywhere on the tile.

Preview a sample report and then run the report.

See the Set Report Criteria help article for further details on using the Report Builder.

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