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Select a Report Template
How to find the report you need
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The Template Select screen is the place where you will search for and select report templates to run. Templates you want to run regularly can be added to a Bundle.

  1. Navigate to Reports -> Builder.

  2. There is a search bar at the top of the screen. If you know the template name you're looking for you can enter the template name here. For example, I typed "Where Did Our" in the search bar and the Where Did Our Money Go? report came up in the search results.

    As part of our transition to an online browser app we took the opportunity to convert all report templates to a new modern design. We also renamed them to fit with the new builder and make it easier for new users to find useful reports.

    If you're a long time customer, however, you might know your favourite desktop client templates by name and therefore find it difficult to find the new name. Please rest assured every old desktop template has been converted and there is an online equivalent. You can refer to the Templates - Desktop to Online Cross-Reference help note for assistance in finding your template.

    Note: Type [all] in the search bar to display all report templates at once.

  3. You can also use the filters at the left to look for a suitable report template. When you tick a filter to select it reports matching that filter will be shown on the right.

  4. Note you can select more than one filter simultaneously to narrow your search results.

  5. To select a report and go into the report builder click on the picture of the report on the right.

    This will open the report builder screen.

  6. Some templates will have a drop-down next to the template name. This indicates there are variants of this template available.

    Click the drop-down to see the template variants. Click one of the options to select and open in the report builder.

  7. Please see the Preview a Report help note for more details on how to set report criteria and view reports.

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