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How to make changes to your report bundles

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Report Bundles allow you to combine a variety of reports together with cover pages, notes and other rich text documents, then display and print them as one document. This help note will show you the basic steps to edit your Bundles.


To learn how to rename, copy and delete an entire bundle, as well as how to publish a bundle and export reports to Excel, please see the Edit a Bundle - Actions on a Total Bundle help note.

Refer to Edit a Bundle - Actions on an Individual Report to find out how to edit criteria in bundled reports, as well as run, copy, rename and delete a report from a bundle.

Basic Navigation

  1. To get to the Bundles screen click on Reports.

  2. Your list of report bundles will be displayed at the left side of the screen. There is also see an option to create a new bundle.

  3. Click on a bundle in the list on the left to see it displayed on the right.

  4. The bundle name is shown at the top, with the reports in the bundle listed below the bundle name in the order they appear in the bundle.

Set Report Month & Run a Bundle

  1. First set the report month by selecting the month and year from the drop-down in the Orange Ribbon.
    For more details on how date selection works in Calxa, please refer to the help note on Date Selection.

    You can save yourself even more time by scheduling a workflow to run your Bundles. To learn more about to do this, and how Report month works with workflows, see Create a Workflow to Automate your Reports and Date Selection for Bundles in Workflows.

    Note that with workflows, there is no place on the Automation screen for you to select the Report Month because workflows are intended to be an automated process done on a schedule.

    The key thing to be aware of is that Calxa always considers the report month to be the previous FULL month of actuals with workflows, therefore you will need to set the date criteria in your bundled reports accordingly to ensure you get the reports you expect. For example, when an automated workflow runs in late June, the report month when it runs will be May.

  2. To run your bundle click on the Run Bundle button to the right of the bundle name.

Reorder and Enable/Disable Reports

  1. You can change the order of the reports in your bundle by hovering over the Up-Down button to the right of each report name until you see your cursor turn into a hand symbol. Drag and drop the report where you'd like it to sit.

  2. You can enable or disable reports in your bundle by clicking the toggle to the left of the report name. The report is enabled when the toggle is green, disabled when grey.

    Report is enabled below:

Add a Report or Document to a Bundle

  1. With Calxa you can insert a rich text document into your bundles and/or merge rich text content into the header or footer of a Calxa report.

    You can add a full document to create Cover Pages, Executive Summaries and Disclaimers or to include other external reports and charts. Merging rich text with reports allows you to add commentary to your reports or simply customise the look and feel with a custom header. Please refer to the help note Add a Document to a Bundle for instructions.

  2. If you want to add another report to your bundle you can do so via the Report Builder screen. To learn how to do this please see Add a Report to a Bundle.

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