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Make changes to a report after it's added to a bundle

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Report Bundles allow you to combine a variety of reports and dashboards together with cover pages, notes and other PDF documents, then display and print them as one document.

This help note will show you how to edit and configure each of the items within a report bundle.

Reports and Dashboards

Bulk Edit Criteria

Reports and dashboards support bulk edit. This functionality allows you to update certain criteria options on multiple items at the same time.

  1. Select the items you want to bulk edit using the checkboxes on the left of each item.

  2. Select Configure from the Bulk Actions menu.

    Animation showing bulk actions configure for reports.

Tip 1: 💡 use a combination of Search and Bulk Actions -> Select all to select all that are shown in the filtered list.

Tip 2: 💡you can also use Bulk Actions to enable/disable items in the bundle.

Configure Reports

Click CONFIGURE on the report you want to edit. This will open the report in the Report Builder where you can set the criteria.

Configure reports button on a report in a bundle.

Make the required criteria changes and click SAVE to update the saved criteria in the bundle. See the Set Report Criteria help article for more details on configuring reports.

Animation showing report configuration.

Tip: 💡while configuring reports in this way you can also navigate to other reports within the bundle or to another bundle. This is shown in the animation above.

Edit Dashboards

Click EDIT PROPERTIES on the dashboard you want to edit. This will allow you to choose the Dashboard to include in the bundle and select the appropriate organisation and budget to be used by the dashboard.

Edit Properties button on a dashboard in a bundle.

See the following help articles for additional details on dashboards.

Documents and PDFs

Edit Document

Click EDIT DOCUMENT next to the document you would like to edit.

Edit document button on a document in a bundle.

See the following help articles for additional details on documents.

Replace PDF

Since PDF are static content that cannot be edited, we instead provide an option to replace the PDF with a new copy. Click REPLACE PDF next to the PDF you would like to replace.

Common Actions

Report bundles can contain a combination of Reports, Dashboards, Documents or PDFs. The following actions are common for each for these items.

Copy Item

Bundle items can be copied within the same bundle or to a different bundle. In each case the new name must have a unique in the destination bundle.

To copy an item click MORE OPTIONS -> Copy report, dashboard, document or PDF next to the item you want to copy.

Choose a target bundle and update the required properties and then click COPY.

Animation showing a report being copied in a bundle.

Remove from bundle

To remove an item click MORE OPTIONS -> Remove from bundle next to the item you want to remove.

Click REMOVE to confirm you want to remove this item form the bundle.

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