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Dashboard Builder

Use the Dashboard Builder to customise dashboard layouts, adding your preferred tiles to visualise data.

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The Dashboard Builder is used to customise a dashboards content and layout. You'll add tiles such as charts, gauges and cards to visualise your data and then customise the position of each tile and overall dashboard layout.

Tip: ๐Ÿ’กthe Custom Dashboards Overview help article and video provides a quick overview of all the custom dashboard features including data sources and this builder. For new users this may be a better starting point.

Select Dashboard

Select a dashboard to edit in the builder.

  1. Navigate to Dashboards -> Builder

  2. Select an available Dashboard from the left dropdown menu

    Select dashboard to edit.

Add Tile from Template

The Builder provides a number of Tile Templates that can be used to easily add tiles of different types to your dashboard.


  2. Select the template you would like to use, apply any criteria or customisation options and click ADD NEW TILE

    Adding a tile from a template.

Reposition Tile

After adding a tile you can then reposition it to create your preferred layout.

  1. Click on the Tile then find click on this Icon at the top of the tile.

  2. You can now drag and drop to your preferred position.

    Animation of drag and drop position.


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