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Overview of the 4 standard dashboards and basic functionality such as interacting with the dashboards and exporting.

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Dashboards are a great tool to provide an at a glance view of key values in your organisation or consolidated group. Calxa provides 4 standard dashboards to choose from and the ability to customise your own. In this help article we'll cover the basics of navigating between dashboards, choosing the Organisation or Organisation Group and exporting to PDF or other formats.

Open Dashboard

  1. Navigate to Dashboards -> Gallery

  2. Select an available Dashboard from the left sidebar navigation

  3. Select an Organisation and Budget, or Organisation Group from the dropdown on the right

    Animation selecting dashboard.

Maximise and minimise

  1. Click the maximise icon to maximise the dashboard to the full window

    Tip 💡: each item on the dashboard can also be maximised and minimised individually.

  2. Click the minimise icon to minimise the dashboard back to normal size

    Animation of maximise and minimise.

Export Dashboard

  1. Click the export icon in line with the dashboard title

    Tip 💡: each item in the dashboard can be exported individually.

  2. Choose PDF, Image or Excel as the export format

    Note 💬: exporting to Excel will export the raw data in tabular form.

  3. Select your preferred export options and click Export

  4. The exported content will download via your internet browsers standard download process (this will differ from browser to browser)

    Animation of exporting dashboard.

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