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Bundle Optimised for Export to Excel
Bundle Optimised for Export to Excel

A report bundle setting that ensures each report is exported to Excel as a single worksheet per report.

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When exporting a report bundle each page in the bundle is exported to a separate worksheet. If you have individual reports that span multiple pages, this will result in that individual report spanning multiple worksheets when exported to Excel.

If you'd prefer the page breaks to occur only after each report, then you can enable the Optimise for exporting to Excel bundle setting. Essentially when using this setting for exporting a bundle, page breaks are used to create separate worksheets.

Warning: ⚠️ Using this option means each report in the bundle will be generated as a continuous page. The only page breaks will be between reports in the bundle.

This bundle may therefore no longer be suitable for printing or exporting to PDF. You can of course change this setting as required or duplicate the bundle and have different settings for each.

  1. Browse to Reports -> Bundles and select the required bundle from the left sidebar navigation.

  2. Click the ACTIONS menu to the right of the bundle heading and select Edit bundle information.

  3. Check the Optimise for exporting to Excel option and SAVE PROPERTIES.

    Checkbox for optimise setting

    Note: for details on other properties please refer to the Edit a Bundle help article.

Tip:💡if you would like each business unit in a report to be on a separate worksheet, add each business unit to the bundle as a separate report. Alternatively you can consider this report customisation.

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