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Add a PDF to a Bundle

Import external data to enhance your report pack

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Sometimes you may need to include content in your bundle from an external system such as a report that can't be produced in Calxa. Calxa does allow you to add a PDF document to your bundle, which is then merged into the generated Bundle.

Note 1 πŸ’¬: when exporting bundles to formats other than PDF, such as Excel, the PDF content is included as an image in the exported file.

Note 2 πŸ’¬: PDFs are not editable. To add an editable document see Add a Document to a Bundle for details on adding an editable document.

  1. Browse to Reports -> Bundles.


  2. Select the bundle in the left navigation and click ADD A PDF.

    Add a PDF button

  3. Browse and select the PDF file to upload, enter a Name and click ADD DOCUMENT.


  4. Drag and drop to reorder the PDF in your bundle.

    Drag and drop the order

  5. Additional options such as View PDF & Replace PDF can be found in the 3 dots menu to the right of the bundle item.

Context menu on PDF item
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