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Edit a Bundle

How to make changes to your report bundles.

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Report Bundles allow you to combine a variety of reports and dashboards together with cover pages, notes and other PDF documents, then display and print them as one document.

In this help note we will show you how to edit your bundles.

  1. Browse to Reports -> Bundles

  2. Select the bundle you would like to run from the left menu.

    Select a report bundle animation.

Edit Bundle Information

Click ACTIONS and then select Edit bundle information. The following properties can be edited.

  • Name: name of the report bundle as listed in this menu.

  • Group: the group the bundle is listed under in this menu. See Group and Organise Report Bundles for more details.

  • Reference: a notes field for your own reference. This is also displayed below the name on the bundles menu.

  • Optimise for exporting to Excel: enable to each report in the bundle exports to a single worksheet. See Bundle Optimised for Export to Excel for more details.

  • Display the bundle title within the generated bundle: adds a title to the bundle document.

Reorder Items in the Bundle

Drag and drop to the preferred order using the Up/Down arrow icon.

Animation showing drag and drop to re-order the bundle items.

Enable / Disable Items in the Bundle

Toggle items on or off. If the toggle is green it will be included in the generated bundle. When the toggle is grey it will not be included in the generated bundle.

Animation showing toggles on and off.

Add Items to the Bundle

Add a Report

Add any of the Reports or Charts from the Calxa library and package them into one bundle document. See the following help for more details.

Add a Dashboard

Dashboards adds multiple charts and other data visualisations to a single page. Dashboards can also be added and combined with reports in your bundle. See the following help for more details.

Add a Document

Documents are rich text content that can be added to create cover pages, executive summaries or to add additional report commentary. See the following help for more details.

Add a PDF

If you have reports or content from external systems, they can be added to a Calxa report bundle as a PDF document. See the following help for more details.

Edit Items in a Bundle

See the Edit Items in a Bundle help article for details on editing the individual items.

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