Add a Xero Organisation

This help note will show you how to add a Xero organisation to your workspace.

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For instructions on syncing an existing organisation please see the Sync a Xero Organisation help note. To reconnect to an organisation see Reconnect a Xero Organisation.

Note 💬 Only a subscription Owner and Co-Owner can add an organisation to a workspace.

Navigate to:

Settings -> Billing & Admin -> Manage Organisations

This will open the Admin screen in a new browser tab

  1. Click on Add Organisation in left menu.

  2. Your current usage is displayed. This is the number of organisations you have connected from the maximum available.

    If required adjust the new capacity. You can increase the capacity by multiple at this point to avoid processing multiple upgrades when you intend to add multiple organisations. See Calxa Pricing for details on any additional charges.

  3. Select the Workspace where you would like to add your organisation, then click the NEXT STEP button.

  4. Click on the Connect to Xero button.

  5. In the popup dialog you will need to Sign in to Xero.

    Note: 💬To connect to Xero you must have Standard or Advisor access with View and rerun reports permissions in Xero.

  6. Select the organisation to connect to from the dropdown and click Allow access.

    Granting Calxa access to a selected Xero organisation

  7. If the company you are trying to connect to is marked as Already connected, simply click Continue with 1 organisation. You'll then have an option to choose from the already connected organisations list.

    Continuing with an organisation that has already been granted access

  8. Choose import settings and click BEGIN IMPORT

    What do you want to import?

    1. Tracking Categories: to budget and report on your Xero tracking categories in Calxa, you'll need to turn them on here. If you just need to budget and report at the organisation level, leave these turned off.

    2. Include Xero Overall Budget: at this point you can import your Xero Overall Budget as a starting point, however more options are available after the initial import. See Sync a Xero Organisation for more details.

  9. The import progress will be displayed until the import is complete.

    Note: 💬 The time taken to import depends on your chosen import settings and how much historical data exists in Xero. Some imports may take less than a minute while the other extreme may be 20 minutes or more.

  10. When the import is complete, set your preferences by selecting them from the drop-down menus in each section. Click ALL DONE when finished.

    Note: 💬 all preferences can be changed later if required.

  11. When complete you will be brought back to the Workspaces menu.

    1. To add another organisation repeat the process.

    2. Or click OPEN WORKSPACE to go and budget and report on this new organisation.

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