Organisation Groups

Groups identify the entities that you want to consolidate. Create multiple groups to suit your needs and keep your reporting flexible.

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An organisation group is required for consolidated reporting. It defines the organisations you wish to consolidate, the reporting currency and other settings like the Budget and Account Tree layouts used for each organisation.

Create an Organisation Group

First ensure you have imported each organisation into the same Workspace. See Add a Workspace for more details.

  1. Navigate to Reports -> Report Tools -> Organisation Groups

  2. Click ADD YOUR FIRST GROUP or if you already have your first group select Create new group from the Selected group dropdown menu

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  3. Add at least one organisation set the Group Properties and Organisation Properties and click SAVE CHANGES

Group Properties

  1. Group name: the name of the group as shown in lists such as the report criteria.

  2. Name shown in reports: this will be used in the report title for reports generated on this consolidated group.

  3. Reporting currency: each organisation will be translated to this currency in the consolidated report. Consider creating multiple groups if you need to report on different currencies.

  4. Exchange rates for budgets: Calxa automatically provides actual exchange rates and these will be used for budget calculations as well, however if you would like to define your own exchange rates for budget calculations please configure a scenario in the Exchange Rates menu and select it here.

  5. Reporting year end: set the financial year end for the consolidated group, allowing you to consolidate organisations with different year ends.

Add Organisations

  1. Click ADD ORGANISATION and select the organisations you would like to add

Organisation Properties

For each organisation you can configure the following properties that will be used in the report.

  1. Ownership %: use this as a way to do a consolidated report where you only have partial ownership. The resulting report will apply this percentage to all values.

  2. Budget version: which budget from this organisation should be used in the consolidated report.

  3. Alternate Budget Version: this field is optional. Some reports in Calxa compare multiple budgets. For example an Approved and Current Forecast budget. Select your Approved budget here if you wish to use these reports.

  4. Account Tree: use an Account Tree to regroup, summarise, eliminate internal accounts or create a common structure for the consolidated group. For more details on Account Trees see:

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