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Troubleshoot Daily Sync & Workflow Failures
Troubleshoot Daily Sync & Workflow Failures

A simple guide on what to do when your daily sync or workflow fails.

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Daily Syncs and Workflows are automated tasks that Calxa performs for you on a daily or other chosen schedule. These tasks may fail occasionally and require your intervention to resolve. We'll send you an email advising of the failure and you can use this guide to help troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

Daily Sync Failure

Configure or Disable Daily Sync

Check the Daily Auto-Sync help article to review daily sync settings including disabling the sync and configuring failure notifications. If failure notifications are enabled you may receive an email notifying you that your Organisation has failed to sync for 2, 7 or 30 days. Follow these steps to troubleshoot a daily sync failure.

Reconnect to Your Accounting Data

When an Organisation Sync fails, it is most commonly due to an authentication issue. To resolve this try reconnecting Calxa to your company file. Refer to the individual accounting system steps below:

After reauthenticating, perform a manual sync to ensure success. If a failure occurs at this point please please contact Calxa support via the messenger in the bottom right corner.

Workflow Failures

Email Notification

When a step or action in a workflow fails the Subscription Owner and Co-Owners will be sent an email notification outlining which workflow, step or action failed and provide the related error message. Below is an example email error notification.

View Workflow Activity

In addition to the email you can also check if a workflow has failed by reviewing the workflow history, as explained in View Workflow Activity and History. Workflows with failed steps will be flagged with the Failed tag as shown below. Hover your mouse over the failed tag to view the error message.

Failed workflow tag

Common Workflow Errors

Organisation Sync Errors

See Daily Sync Failures above.

Generate and send report bundle errors

Individual reports can fail in a bundle and the workflow step is not considered to have failed. In this case you will still receive the bundle minus the failed report but the delivery email will outline what reports failed. If all the reports in a bundle fail then the action or step will fail and be logged as such.

A bundle report could fail for a number of reasons, such as:

  • A budget version used in the report criteria has been deleted.

  • A business unit selected as part of a business unit list used in the report criteria has been deleted in your accounting system.

  • An account tree used in the report criteria has been deleted.

  • An organisation selected in the report criteria has been deleted.

  • A custom KPI selected in the report criteria cannot be calculated.

In all of the above cases you should edit the individual reports that failed as per Edit a Bundle - Actions on an Individual Report and fix the saved report criteria as per Set Report Criteria.

Workflow was successful but didn't receive reports

When a workflow ran successfully but you didn't receive the reports via email, this will likely be due to one of two reasons:

  1. The email has gone into your Junk folder - please review this folder and move the reports to your Inbox.

  2. Your mail server's spam filter is blocking emails from - please ask your IT support to ensure you can receive emails from this address.

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