All connected organisations in Calxa will automatically sync with your accounting data on a daily basis. Calxa automatically sets a daily sync time but you can update the time or disable the automation if required.

Daily Sync Settings

  1. Navigate to:
    Reports -> Report Tools -> Organisation Sync
    Settings -> Organisation Settings -> Organisation Sync

  2. Identify the Organisation you wish to update and select Daily Sync Settings from the 3 dots menu.

    Daily Sync Settings

Daily Sync Time

While Calxa syncs with your accounting data the organisation is locked so you won't be able edit budgets or run reports. For this reason your daily sync time should be set outside your usual working hours.

Choose a preferred hour and a time zone when you'd like Calxa to sync each day.

Sync hour and time zone.

Enable or Disable the Daily Sync

If you do not require a daily sync or have more complex needs you can always manually sync using the SYNC NOW button at any time or configure an Automated Workflow where there are additional options, such as the ability to send automated reports and more advanced scheduling options.

Toggle the Enable daily sync option On or Off to Enable/Disable the daily sync.

Enable Daily Sync toggle

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