Reconnect a MYOB Organisation
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Occasionally the authorisation tokens we use to connect to MYOB may become invalid or revoked by a user in MYOB. In this case we'll no longer be able to connect to MYOB and the sync process will fail. As such you will need to reauthenticate or reconnect Calxa to MYOB.

  1. Navigate to:
    Reports -> Report Tools -> Organisation Sync
    Settings -> Organisation Settings -> Organisation Sync

  2. Identify the Organisation you wish to Reconnect in the list of Organisations shown. Click the 3 dots menu and select Reconnect.

    Reconnect MYOB

    Note: if the SYNC NOW option is available and your organisation sync is not working, you will first need to click on the3 dots menu and select Disconnect.

  3. Select the my.MYOB ID you would like to use from the dropdown and then click Add this Organisation on the desired organisation.

    Select MYOB ID and Company

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