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Edit a Bundle - Actions on an Individual Report
Edit a Bundle - Actions on an Individual Report

Make changes to a report after it's added to a bundle

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Report Bundles allow you to combine a variety of reports together with cover pages, notes and other rich text documents, then display and print them as one document. This help note will describe actions that can be done on individual reports in a bundle.


To learn about how to open the Bundle screen, run a bundle, add a report or document to a bundle, reorder and disable reports in a bundle please see the Edit a Bundle - Basics help note.

Refer to Edit a Bundle - Actions on a Total Bundle to find out how to rename, copy and delete an entire bundle, as well as how to publish a bundle and export reports to Excel.

Run an Individual Report in a Bundle

  1. Click on the ellipsis to the right of the report name you want to display. Select Run report from the drop-down.

    Exporting a report to Excel: To export bundled reports to Excel, you will need to run each report individually as shown above, then export them. If you try to export an entire bundle it will split into multiple sheets for each report.

Copy a Report

  1. To copy a report click on the ellipsis and select Copy report.

  2. The default behaviour is that your report will be copied into the same bundle you are editing. To instead copy the report into another bundle, click on the Report Bundle drop-down and select the desired bundle from the list.

  3. Next, type the name you'd like to use for your report in the Name field. A Reference can also be used to add notes for yourself about this report (optional).

    Tick the Change the report title in the bundle checkbox if you want the bundle title to be displayed at the top of your bundle.

    Add name for copied report

  4. Click Copy Report. The report will be added to the bottom of the list of reports in your bundle. To change the report's order within the bundle see the Reorder Reports section of the Edit a Bundle - Basics help note.

Rename a Report

  1. To rename an individual report click on the ellipsis to the right of the report name and select Edit report information.

  2. Type in the name you'd like use for your report in the Name field. If you'd like to add a note about the report for yourself or others enter it in the Reference field.

    Tick the Overwrite the default report title checkbox if you'd like your report name to be displayed rather than the Calxa default report name.

    Click Save Properties.

Configure a Report (edit report criteria)

  1. Each report listing shows the report template name and some of the key report criteria.

    In the example below the report template used was Actual vs Budget and Last Year. The date selection is set to Report Month.

    The report is set to be run for the PlantNursery organisation. The budget version used is the Approved Budget Version. No business units have been selected & consolidated.

  2. To edit a report's criteria click on the ellipsis to the right of the report name and select Configure Report.

  3. This will open your report in the report builder. The bundle name is shown at the top left next to the report name.

  4. Edit the report criteria on the left as needed. When done click the Save Changes button. Once saved you will be brought back to the report bundle screen.

  5. To learn about how to set report criteria please refer to the Set Report Criteria help note. To automate your bundles to run at a scheduled time, see Create a Workflow to Automate your Reports.

Remove a Report from Bundle

  1. You can just click the green toggle to grey to stop the report from running in the bundle

  2. To permanently remove the report, click on the ellipsis to the right of the report name you want to display. Select Remove from bundle from the drop-down. This is a permanent action and is not recoverable.

  3. A remove report box will pop up. Click the Delete a Report Bundle Item button. Note you cannot undo this action.

Customise a report in a Bundle

The report Designer cannot be accessed when configuring a report in a bundle, therefore if you want to edit or create a custom report template you will need to instead go to the Builder screen and select the template to edit from there.

To find the name of an existing custom template within your bundle, look at the template name shown just below the report name on the bundle screen.

The custom template name is shown in the blue box in the example below.

To search for the custom template in the Builder screen, simply tick the Custom search tag and find that report template at right.

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