Sync a Xero Organisation

How to sync a Xero organisation and set sync options.

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This help note will show you how to sync a Xero organisation as well as change your sync options. For more info on how Calxa integrates with Xero refer to Calxa and Xero.

To add a new Xero organisation refer to Add a Xero Organisation.

To reconnect an existing Xero organisation refer to Reconnect a Xero Organisation.

Auto-Sync Daily

By default all Organisations will automatically sync daily. See the Auto-Sync Daily help article to amend the scheduled time or disable this automation.

Sync Now

In addition to the automatic sync you can also trigger a manual sync at any time.

  1. Navigate to:
    Reports -> Report Tools -> Organisation Sync
    Settings -> Organisation Settings -> Organisation Sync

  2. Identify the Organisation you wish to Sync in the list of Organisations and click SYNC NOW.


Sync Settings

Calxa provides options that can speed up your organisation sync process by excluding selected data such as the business units, budget and years synced.

Business Units to Sync

Xero Tracking Categories sync to Calxa as Business Units. See Business Unit Configuration to configure which categories to sync and optionally define combinations to sync intersecting Tracking Categories.

General Settings

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Organisation Settings -> General.

  2. Choose an organisation from the Selected organisation drop-down.

    General Settings Menu

Note: 💬 refer to the General Settings help article for full details on this menu.

Multi-Currency Transactions

Enable this option if your company has transactions in multiple currencies. During the sync Calxa will conduct some additional steps required to reconcile key values related to unrealised gains and bank revaluations.

Image showing Multi-Currency Transactions toggle.

Unrealised Gains/Losses & Bank Revaluations:💡refer to the Calxa and Xero help article for more details on how Calxa handles unrealised gains and losses.

Include Xero Budgets

Enable this option and set the below options to sync your Xero budgets into a read only budget in Calxa.

  • Select budgets: select the Xero budgets to sync. All selected Xero budgets will be synced to a single budget in Calxa, therefore you can select only one budget per Xero tracking option. See budgeting by business unit to understand how Calxa allocates business unit budgets to a single version.

  • Financial Years: limit the number of years synced to reduce the sync time. In most cases the Current Year will be sufficient.

Image showing Xero budget sync options.

Tip: 💡use this option to import your Xero budgets and then copy the data to an editable version in Calxa. See Use your Accounting System Budget in Calxa for more details.

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