Change Log 2021-11-03

Introducing Business Units Trees for advanced Business Unit and consolidated reporting.

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New: Business Unit Trees

A Business Unit Tree is a powerful new feature that supersedes the previous Business Unit Selections. A tree just like a selection allows you to select any combination of business units and save this selection for re-use in all your reports. Now we have extended on that, and added a number of new ideas and features to supercharge your Business Unit Reporting.

Build Hierarchy into Your Business Units

If you are already familiar with the power of Account Trees you'll be super excited to see similar features now available for your Business Units. Add business unit headers and create your own hierarchy or groups of Business Units. Each of these headers support consolidation settings like Detail & Consolidated to help you create summary groups or consolidated sub-totals throughout your business unit reports.

Consolidated Group Business Unit Reporting

You can now edit and build a Business Unit Tree across all the organisations in your workspace, then filter the consolidated group report by this tree. For example you may have the same department in all your entities and now you can report on that department as a consolidated group from all entities.

Note: All your old Business Unit Selections have been migrated to Business Unit Trees with same name but prefixed with the company name to ensure the names are unique and identifiable in a workspace with more then one organisation.

New: All Active Business Units

Now when building reports there is a "All Active Business Units" option for each category of Business Unit. You can now choose this options in the report criteria without building a tree (previously selection) and the main benefit is that it's dynamically built from your active business units. So as you add new or archive old this option will always include all your currently active business units.

New: Edit Capacity and Change Plan

We've improved the way you manage your subscription capacity. Previously when you needed to edit your capacity, for example, increase or decrease the number of organisations the process included numerous steps, just like signing up for the first time. Instead we've now added 2 separate choices, Edit Capacity and Change Plan to the Billing -> Subscription menu. These new options allow you to very quickly do these simple tasks in isolation.

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