From time to time you may wish to change the number of users and/or organisations to be included in the subscription.

Note: Only a subscription payer can edit the capacity of a subscription, this is usually the email address that receives the subscription invoices.

Sign in to Calxa and Navigate to:
Settings -> Billing & Admin -> Billing

This will open the Billing Management screen in a new browser tab

  1. From your Current Subscription, click on the EDIT CAPACITY button.

    NOTE: If you wish to change the payment method or the details of the credit card to be charged, you will need to update this before making any changes. To do so click on the Payment Details link at the far left of the screen.

  2. Select the required number of users and/or organisations by moving the sliders.

  3. The screen will confirm the regular monthly amount, then click UPDATE CAPACITY

  4. An invoice will be issued that gives you a credit for the unused portion of your subscription at the old rate, and then charge for a full month at the new rate.

  5. An immediate attempt will be made to capture the Total amount of the invoice using the payment method recorded on your account.

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