Import Data for Manual Organisation
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In this article we'll look at importing data like your chart of accounts and business units to a manual organisation from a CSV or Excel file.

If your organisation is linked to MYOB, Xero or QuickBooks you'll manage the data in your accounting system and sync it to Calxa as per the following articles.

  1. Navigate to: Reports -> Report Tools -> Organisation Sync
    Settings -> Organisation Settings -> Organisation Sync

  2. Identify the Organisation you wish to import data into and click IMPORT DATA.

    Import Data

  3. Select the Type of import

    1. Actual Amounts: imports actual amounts by monthly periods. See Import Actuals for Manual Organisation for more details.

    2. Budget Amounts: imports budget amounts by monthly periods.

    3. Chart of Accounts: imports or updates your Chart of Accounts

    4. Business Units: imports or updates your Business Units
      Note: Accounts and Business Units are matched on the number. If the number already exists it will update this record. If the number is new it will insert a new record.

  4. Browse and select the CSV or Excel file to import from and click NEXT STEP.

  5. Match the Calxa fields to the columns in your spreadsheet and click NEXT STEP.

    Match columns

  6. The data in your spreadsheet will be validated before any data is imported.

    1. If errors are detected each row that contains an error will be shown.

      Revise your spreadsheet data according, then select the amended file for upload.

      Errors on multiple rows

  7. When validation is complete and there are no errors click NEXT STEP.

  8. When the import is complete confirm the correct number of rows were imported and click DONE.

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