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Create Budget Using YTD Actuals and Current Forecast
Create Budget Using YTD Actuals and Current Forecast
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Towards the end of the current financial year you may already be thinking about creating your budget for next year or creating a re-forecast for the remainder of current year. When you have multiple business units, this is best achieved using the Budget Factory.

These are the key steps:

  1. Sync your Accounting data with Calxa to ensure you have the latest actuals

  2. Set the Last Actuals Period value in the General Settings menu

    1. The Budget Factory will use Actuals up to this month as the source for creating your new budget

  3. Set the main budget version in the Budget Manager

    1. The Budget Factory will use these budgets as the source for months where there are no actuals as determined by the month selected in step 2

  4. Run the Budget Factory with the following key values set as the source

    1. Select the source budget or actuals = Actuals

    2. Select the financial year = Current year

    3. Read the yellow information carefully as it clearly shows what periods for the source of this factory run will actuals and and what periods will be budgets from your main budget version.

      Budget Factory Source
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