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The Budget Manager gives an overview of your budgets and provides options for creating, copying and managing budget versions. A single budget version can span multiple years across all your business units so adding budgets is not necessary for new years or business units but rather you may want multiple budgets to manage different budget scenarios like an approved and forecast budget or a best and worst case budget.


  1. Navigate to Budgets & Cashflow -> Budgets & Actuals -> Budget Tools -> Budget Manager.

  2. Select your organisation from the Selected Organisation dropdown.

    Budget Manager Menu

Create a new Budget Version

A single budget version can span multiple years and contains all your business units. It is not necessary to create a new budget for each year or for each business unit. Instead you might use multiple budgets to forecast different scenarios like best case and worst case or approved and forecast budgets.

  1. Click NEW BUDGET

  2. The new budget version will appear at the bottom of the list and will be named Budget version (or Budget version 1 if you already had a version with this name). It will be a blank version with no data populated.

    You can now enter budget data by manual entry, using the Budget Factory or by importing from a spreadsheet.

    New budget version
  3. To rename a budget version, click into the name section. The orange line underneath the name will go dark orange, indicating that you can edit it. Type in the new budget version name and then click SAVE CHANGES.

    Rename budget version 2

Copy a Budget Version

  1. Click on the 3 dots menu to the right of the budget version you want to copy and select Copy budget.

    This will make a full copy of the budget version, including all financial years' and all business units' data. Formulas and Metrics will also copy across to the new Budget version.

    The new budget will appear in alphabetical order named Copy (name of original), you can click in the name area and overtype to make this more descriptive.

    Copy Budget Version

    Note 1: If you want to copy only the current year's read-only budget synced from your accounting system to an editable budget version in Calxa, you can do so using the Budget Factory tool rather than copying the entire budget version as is described here.

    Note 2: The budgets that can be synced from your accounting system with each org sync are those from MYOB AccountRight, QuickBooks Online and Xero. The read-only accounting system synced budget version names in Calxa are called MYOB Budget, QuickBooks Budget and Xero Overall Budget.

Set Main Budget Version

The main budget version will be used as the default budget when running reports or as an alternate source in the Budget Factory for periods that do not yet have complete actuals.

  1. Click on the 3 dots menu to the right of the budget version you want to set as the main budget and select Set as main budget.

    Set Main Budget Version

Lock Budget Data

You can 'lock' your budget data to prevent it from being edited. It is a good idea to lock your budgets because they may be inadvertently edited or deleted when running the Budget Factory or importing budgets from spreadsheets if a user selects incorrect criteria. A new or untrained user could also manually edit the budget via the edit budget screen.

You can quickly see what years have budget data populated by looking at the padlocks to the right of the budget version name. When a padlock is green, there is budget data populated in that year in that version. When it is light grey there is no budget data.

  1. You can see more years by clicking on the arrow buttons to the left and right of the years displayed.

    Scroll bar to display budget years
  2. To lock your budget data, click on the padlock symbol to the right of the budget version name you want to lock. You will need to click the padlock under each year you want to lock.

    Padlock to lock budget data
  3. After you click a padlock, you will see it change from the unlocked padlock image to a locked padlock.

  4. To unlock budget data, click on the locked padlocks as needed. The images will be updated to show an unlocked padlock.

    Locked budget data
  5. Click the Save Changes button.

Delete a Budget Version

  1. Click on the 3 dots menu to the right of the budget version you want to delete and select Delete budget.

    Delete a Budget Version
  2. On the confirmation dialog click REMOVE BUDGET.

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