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The budget factory is a bulk editor that will save you time. You can use it in a variety of ways to create new budgets, update existing budgets or simply copy budgets for multiple business units in one process.

The basic flow is to choose source data such as actuals or existing budgets, then copy it to a destination budget with optional adjustments along the way.

  1. Navigate to Budgets & Cashflow -> Budget Tools -> Budget Factory.

  2. Select your Organisation from the Selected Organisation dropdown.

    Budget Factory Menu
  3. Select a Budget Type and click GET STARTED.

  4. Choose Create an organisation budget or Create a business unit budget and click NEXT STEP.

    Organisation or Business Units
  5. Set the Source and Destination properties then click NEXT STEP.

    1. Source: this is the source data you want to copy or use as the base for further calculations.

    2. Destination: this is the destination budget and years where you want to copy the source data.

      Source and Destination
  6. Apply any required changes the Destination account totals and click NEXT STEP.

    This is where you can optionally apply broad changes to the source information. The destination totals are recorded as a percentage change on the prior year. You can edit the value or the percentage change.

    Destination values
    1. Cost of Sales can optionally be calculated as a Percentage of Income amount instead of the default percentage change on prior year. This allows you to set Cost of Sales as a percentage of the Total Income budget and also set a Net Profit target which will in turn increase Income and the related Cost of Sales budgets to meet this target.

      Percentage of income option
  7. The summary page provides an opportunity to review the source data and the destination budget years and business units. It also identifies if any of the destination years already have budget data that you will overwrite with these new budget values.

    Review the Destination Years and confirm happy for the changes to be applied then click SAVE BUDGET.

    Budget Factory destination summary
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