Budget Comments

Add comments on budget cells to make notations about your assumptions or to collaborate during budget creation.

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In this help article, we look at how to add and edit budget comments as well as how to run the Budget Comments report. This report can be used to collate all your financial year's comments into a single report. See the following additional help articles for general budget navigation and editing.

Insert Comments

  1. Select a single cell or range of cells and click the 3 dots menu to select Insert comment.

  2. In the text box provided type your comment and click the Save icon.

  3. Cells with comments added have a yellow underline. When hovering your mouse over a cell with a comment a tool tip displays the comment.

Edit or Delete Comments

  1. Select a single cell or range of cells that contain comments and click the 3 dots menu to edit the comment.

  2. Edit the comment and click Save disk. To delete click the Delete trash can.

Report on Comments

Now that you have comments on your budget values you may wish to provide these comments as an addition to your Report Bundle.

  1. Run the report called Budget Comments. See Select Report Template for instructions.

    Budget Comments Template

  2. To add this to a bundle, see Add a Report to a Bundle.

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