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Enter budgets values by cell, total column, total row, copy and paste or build budgets with formulas.

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This article explains how to manually enter budgets via the budget grid, copy budget figures from Excel, and copy columns/rows to other columns/rows and build budgets with Budget Formulas. You should first review the Budget Views & Layouts help article for details on the navigating and setting layout and filter options.

Tip:💡To create a budget from scratch you may want to consider using:

  • The Budget Factory to quickly populate a base budget from Actuals or another existing budget.

  • or import a budget if you already have data saved in a spreadsheet.

Edit Values

Edit Cells

Select a cell with your mouse and enter data directly into the selected cell. Use Tab, Shift+Tab, Arrows and Enter keys to navigate cells.

Animation showing budget data entry

Tip:💡You can use Metrics and Budget Formulas to build driver-based budgets.

Copy to Remaining Periods

To copy a single value or formula forward to the remaining periods select the cell or range of cells to copy and use the 3 dots menu to find Copy to future option.

Animation showing copy to future.

Use Simple Calculator

If you need to make a simple calculation on the fly, there is no need to get your calculator. Simply type = followed by some maths equation and the result will be entered. Please note this is not the same as using a formula where the formula is saved. To enter a formula please see the Budget Formulas help article.

Use calculator in cell.

Edit Total Column

For quick edits across the entire selected date range (1 year for example) simply edit the Total column. Editing this total will apportion values according to the proportions that already exist in the data.

Animation editing total column

Edit Header Rows

Collapse the header or total row to get the details rows summarised to a single row. This row is now editable. Editing a summary row like this apportions the values into the detail accounts according to the proportions that already exist in the data.

Animation showing edit of header rows

Undo & Redo

All values are saved while you edit, so if you make a mistake you may wish use the Undo and Redo buttons or keyboard shortcuts to undo or redo certain operations.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Undo = Ctrl + Z

Redo = Ctrl + Y

Animation showing undo and redo actions

Select Cells

Select a Range of Cells

To select a range of click and hold your mouse button and drag through the range of cells you want to select.

Animation showing how to select a range of cells

Select Rows

To select a full row click on the row heading (Account in the default layout). Click and hold your mouse button then drag through a range of rows to select multiple rows.

Animation showing how to select rows

Select Columns

To select a column click on the column heading (Month in the default layout). Click and hold your mouse button then drag through a range of columns to select multiple columns.

Animation showing how to select columns

Cut, Copy & Paste

Select a range of cells, rows or columns as per the instructions above and the use keyboard shortcuts or 3 dots menu to Cut, Copy and Paste.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Cut = Ctrl + X

Copy = Ctrl + C

Paste = Ctrl + V

Animation showing copy and paste actions

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