Troubleshooting Xero Sync

Troubleshooting common errors or issues with your Xero connection and sync.

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Reports Don't Reconcile to Xero

Balance Sheet Out of Balance

Unrealised Gains/Losses & Bank Revaluation

If you have discrepancies in any of the following accounts, please review the General Settings menu to ensure the Multi-Currency Transactions Sync Setting is enabled.

  • Unrealised Currency Gains

  • Bank Revaluations

  • Accounts Receivable (Trade Debtors)

  • Accounts Payable (Trade Creditors)

  • Foreign Currency Bank Accounts

See the Sync a Xero Organisation help article for more details on this setting and the Calxa and Xero help article to learn more about how Calxa handles unrealised gains.

Unrealised Gains by Business Unit: ๐Ÿ’ฌ to optimise the required sync time, Calxa allocates all currency revaluations to the Unassigned Tracking Category option.

If you require currency revaluations to be reported at the tracking category level, please let us know via the chat in the bottom right of this page.

Sync Errors

When a Sync process completes a success or failure message is sent to your notifications area. Look for a green bell with a number indicating the number of unread messages. Click on the bell to show the list of notifications.

Notification bell
Notifications message

Error Messages and Remediation

Could not connect to Xero. Please reconnect via Reports -> Report Tools -> Organisation Sync.

If you get this error message please follow the Reconnect a Xero Organisation hep article.

The access token is not valid, or has been revoked by the user. Please re-authenticate.

If you get this error message please follow the Reconnect a Xero Organisation hep article.

The organisation 'Your company name' could not be accessed at this time. It is either currently syncing or marked inactive.

This error will occur if a 2nd synchronisation process is triggered while the first is still in progress. This error may happen if 2 users attempt to synchronise at the same time or if you have configured multiple workflows that attempt to sync the same organisation at similar times.

Something's gone wrong. Contact our Customer Support team for assistance.

This is a generic error message that indicates you will need to contact the Calxa support team for assistance.

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