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Troubleshooting - Balance Sheet out of Balance
Troubleshooting - Balance Sheet out of Balance

Tips to help if you find your Balance Sheet doesn't balance

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This troubleshooting guide will help you identify and fix discrepancies in your Balance Sheet.

Actuals out of Balance

If the discrepancy is in Actuals follow these troubleshooting steps.

Check Accounting Data

Run a balance sheet in your accounting system to ensure the problem does not start there.

Run a Balance Sheet in Calxa, using your Original Account Tree to compare to your accounting system report. If they do not balance run a Full Sync of all available years, as per the steps below.

If you're using a manual organisation please see Enter Actuals for a Manual Organisation, for details on entering balances values.

Retained & Current Earnings

Review the Bank & Equity menu and ensure the correct Retained Earnings & Current Year Earnings accounts are nominated.

If you make changes here a full sync of all available years is required as per the steps below.

Full Sync - All Available Years

Once you have established that the figures are correct in the underlying data and you've got the correct Retained and Current Year Earnings account nominated you should perform a full sync of all available years.

  • In Calxa go to Settings > Organisation Settings > General

    • Sync - Include Years > Select All Available > SAVE CHANGES

    • Run the Sync

    • Check the Balance Sheet again

    • Return and reinstate Sync setting to Current & Previous

Account Tree

Run a Balance Sheet report in Calxa using the Original Account Tree. If the discrepancy only occurs on a custom tree check the following.

  • Check ALL accounts are allocated.

    • Even Inactive accounts must be allocated.

  • Check there are NO Hidden Categories (Show in Reports turned off).

    • Even hiding P&L accounts will cause a discrepancy in Retained Earnings as the hidden accounts will not be included in the Retained Earnings calculation.

  • If necessary you can use different Account Tree versions for different reporting requirements.

MYOB Opening Balances

If you're connected to a MYOB AccountRight organisation please be aware that you should not edit Opening Balances. When you edit opening balances or merge accounts that cause a change to opening balances, these changes are not reflected in Calxa during the Sync. The preferred method to adjust balances would be to use a journal which will be reflected in Calxa after a Sync.

If you've adjusted opening balances and it's not possible to undo these changes please contact customer support.

Forecast out of Balance

If the discrepancy is in your Forecast follow these troubleshooting steps.

Check Actuals

First ensure the out of balance issue doesn't start from Actuals. If it does start from Actuals follow the troubleshooting steps above.

Check Cashflow Settings

Review the following Cashflow Settings menus to ensure accounts are nominated in all cases.

Balance your Budget

For the most part, Calxa will automatically balance you budget but there are a few exceptions. Refer to Balance your Budget with the Discrepancy Analysis Report for full details.

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