Change Log 2023-08-17

New dashboard tile templates, comments on Metrics plus more budget editor improvements.

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New: Dashboard Tile Templates

We're excited to introduce a powerful addition to Calxa dashboards - Dashboard Tile Templates. This feature changes the way you build custom dashboards, providing an enhanced entry-level experience for users of all levels. When editing a dashboard, you can now add charts, gauges and cards from a range of templates. After selecting a template, you can then fine-tune its appearance with simplified and condensed criteria options making the whole process a breeze. Most users will be content with the output provided from these condensed options; however, power users can continue to customise the tiles further with all the previously available options after adding the tile to the board.

As part of this change, we've split the dashboards into 2 menus.

  • Dashboard Gallery: used for presenting, interacting and exporting dashboards.

  • Dashboards Builder: used for customising and building dashboards.

Check out the Custom Dashboards Overview help article & video for more details.

Improved: Dashboard Manager

The Dashboard Manager menu is where you manage your full list of Dashboards by sorting and grouping them. It shows you a list of data sources connected to each dashboard and is also where you connect your custom data sources. In this update we've provided a separate list of dashboard tiles. So now you have a great overview of all the connected context on each dashboard. But most importantly, this is where you can now leverage a new feature to copy tiles between dashboards.

New: More Budget Editor Improvements

See the Budget Views & Layouts and the Edit Budgets help articles which have been updated with the following new and improved features:

New: Copy to Remaining Months

A new simple but highly requested ability to copy values to all remaining periods in the budget view. Enter a value or a formula in a cell and copy it to the remaining periods in the same row.

New: Budget Comments on Metrics

Just as you can add comments to your account budgets you can now add comments to your Metric amounts. Check out the Budget Comments help article for more details.

New: Keyboard Shortcuts

We've added the following keyboard shortcuts for commonly used options and bulk actions.

  • F - toggle full screen on and off

  • E - toggle show and hide empty rows

  • I - toggle show and hide inactive rows

  • Shift + mouse scroll wheel - scroll left and right instead of up down (when horizontal scroll bar is present)

New: Simple Calculator Tool

While editing a value in a cell you can now type the '=' character to enter a mathematical equation. For example, if you type=37*250, the value entered will be 9,250. Please note this feature is intended as a shortcut to make quick calculator calculations and is not a shortcut to the Budget Formula functionality. The mathematical equation is not saved, only the result.

Improved: Thousand and Millions Formatting

Now when you choose to format numbers as thousands or millions you can also specify the number of decimal places to display. This ensures a consistent handling of formatting in these large number formats.

Improved: Left Sidebar Navigation

After receiving feedback on the recent behaviour change that means the left sidebar is permanently expanded until collapsed, we've decided to make this behavior optional. Now when you click the "Hide menu" option it will revert to an auto-collapsible state. Further selections from this menu will make the menu auto-collapse after selection. If you want to make it permanent again simply click the pin to pin this menu open. So now users have full control and choose the behaviour they prefer.

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