Dashboard Manager

Use the Dashboard Manager to create, sort, group and organise dashboards plus connect the required data sources.

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To create Custom Dashboards in Calxa you'll first need to use the Dashboard Manager to create, sort, group and organise your dashboards. It is also in the Dashboard Manager where you'll link the required data sources that you'll later use in the Dashboard Tiles.

Create and Edit Properties

Create Dashboard

Pre-set Dashboards

Calxa provides 4 Pre-set dashboards which cannot be edited or customised. Pre-set dashboards have the following identifiers.

Icons used to identify pre-set dashboards.

Copy Pre-set Dashboard

If you'd like to edit or customise a pre-set dashboard in any way, you'll need to copy it first. The copied dashboard will then be an editable version that can be customised further.

Button to make a copy of a pre-set dashboard.

Create Empty Dashboard

If you'd prefer to customise a dashboard by starting with a blank canvas you can use the Create New Dashboard button to create an empty dashboard.

  1. Click the Create New Dashboard button

    Create New Dashboard button.

  2. Enter the following properties and click CREATE DASHBOARD

    1. Dashboard name: identifies the dashboard in the list of dashboards and must be unique.

    2. Notes/description: optional field to enter notes for your own reference.

    3. Group: add the dashboard to a group in the dashboard list. See Add a Group below for more details.

Edit Dashboard Properties

To edit the dashboard properties simply edit the details in these fields and click SAVE CHANGES.

Edit dashbpard properties like name and notes.

Group and Order Dashboards

The order and grouping you see in the Dashboard Manager is the same order the dashboards will be listed in the Report Builder. If you've got a large number of Dashboards, you may wish to group them in logical containers and choose between custom sort orders or sorting alphabetically.

Add New Group

  1. Click Add new Group

    Add new group button.

  2. Enter Group name, Position and click ADD GROUP.

Reorder Dashboards

  1. Use drag and drop to reorder Dashboards.

  2. Alternatively select Sort alphabetically from the settings dropdown.

Move Dashboards between Groups

  1. Use drag and drop to move Dashboards between groups.

Animation moving dashboard between groups.

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