Change Log 2023-08-02

Improved Budget Editor including new Metrics by Business Unit layout.

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Flexible Budget Layouts

We've given the budget editor a bit of an overhaul, bringing in new layout options, some design changes to make things more consistent between views and added a few new features along the way. The following help articles and related videos have been updated to reflect these changes or check the headings below for a key list of changes and new features.

Improved: Budget Layouts & Navigation

We've redesigned the budget layout in such a way that all the button and options remain consistent, even as you change layouts. Whether you're viewing a list of Accounts, Business Units or Metrics, the buttons for formulas, consolidation settings, searching and filtering, options and bulk actions will stay in one place.

In addition, the left sidebar navigation can now be pinned open or hidden as per your preference and includes a full list of your Business units, Accounts and Metrics. Selecting from this list then determines what layout options you have such as displaying the selected item as a list of Business Units or accounts.

Screenshot of new budget layouts

New: Metrics by Business Unit Budget Layout

This new view allows you to select a single metric and view the rows of data as a list of Business Units. Simply select a Metrics in the new left sidebar navigation and choose the Business Units by Month, Quarter or Year layout.

Screenshot of new metrics by business unit layout

New: Bulk Actions like Collapse/Expand All

The new bulk actions menu includes Collapse all, Expand level 2, Expand level 3 and Expand all. This enables you to expand and collapse all headers to a set level in the list of accounts or business units.

Collapse all bulk action

New: Search & Filter Options

Toggle on the search option to filter to selected accounts or business units or do a wildcard search to find a specific item.

Screenshot of new search and filter option

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