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Organisation Budget (Consolidation Setting)
Organisation Budget (Consolidation Setting)
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Many people budget at the cost centre/job/project/program level and then want to roll these budgets up to the organisation or overall budget. The Organisation Budget Consolidation Setting in the Budgets & Actuals screen lets you configure how your organisation or overall budget will be calculated throughout the Calxa reports and dashboards. So, if you budget by project, you can set your Organisation Budget to always be the sum or consolidation of all your Project budgets.

Note you can choose not to consolidate your business units if preferred. You may choose not to consolidate in cases where you budget on only a few of your business units for specific reporting needs but then also need to create an organisation level budget for the total company.

Please see the short video below for a further option of using Formulas to create a budget by summing specified Business Units.

  1. Navigate to Budgets & Cashflow -> Budgets & Actuals.

    See Edit Budgets for for more details on this menu.

  2. Click on Consolidate Setting in the yellow bar at the top of the Organisation budget grid.

    Consolidation Settings

  3. Select the business unit category you want to consolidate for budgeting and reporting purposes. In this example we've chosen Consolidate All Projects. If you prefer not to consolidate choose Don't Consolidate. Click CHANGE SETTING when done.

    Choose Business Unit consolidation setting
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