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Purchase a New Subscription - Partners
Purchase a New Subscription - Partners
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This help note assists existing customers who wish to purchase an Additional Subscription of Calxa.

If you are a new Calxa user, and have had a Trial, please see the help note Purchase from a Trial.

Sign in to Calxa and Navigate to:

Settings -> Billing & Admin -> Billing

This will open the Billing Management screen in a new browser tab

  1. In the Billing Management screen click New Subscription.

Select New Subscription

2. This opens the Edit Subscription profile page showing the current Profile information. Please check the details are current. Click NEXT STEP.

Edit subscription profile

3. Enter the Subscription details next.

  • Give the subscription a Name so the Owner can identify it in their list of subscriptions.

  • Add a Reference, for easy identification for the Payer, this will appear on invoices (optional).

  • Only choose "This subscription is for someone else", if the other party is going to do all the initial set up of the database.


Enter Subscription details

Note: The Licence Owner has permission to Rename a subscription, and the Licence Payer has permission to Set a reference.

If you are the Owner and Payer, you can do both, however, it is important to note that if you are, or will in future, be the Payer only, the Owner may choose to Rename the Subscription. It could be important that you Set a reference in order to be able to distinguish between different subscriptions, for example if you purchase on behalf of a number of clients.

Note: When you click "This subscription is for someone else", and complete the email address, that person will have access to the subscription, and they will have to give permission for others (including yourself) to access it. If you wish to set up the data file, you will need to be the owner, and it can be transferred to someone else later.

4. Choose the number of organisations to be included in this subscription on the slider.

5. The Payment information screen will appear to confirm the new regular monthly amount you will be paying.

Click SUBSCRIBE to complete the changes.

6. The payment will process and you will be returned to the Billing Management Screen with your new Subscription displayed. The next payment due date will be noted there as well.

Subscription summary

7. Edit Subscription allows you to move between Subscription Plans and add or remove additional users and organisations. See Upgrade or Downgrade Subscription for more details.

The Ellipsis symbol allows you to Rename, Set or update a Reference, Change billing contact, Pause or Cancel the Subscription.

8. Go to the Admin tab in the top ribbon to add a Workspace and connect to your accounting data.

Go to Admin screen to add a workspace


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