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Purchase from a Trial / Re-subscribe
Purchase from a Trial / Re-subscribe
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If you have a current Trial or expired Subscription of Calxa, and you wish to purchase a subscription, you can upgrade the existing subscription to continue with the files you have been using previously.

Note πŸ’¬ If you have subscribed to Calxa through Xero you will be directed to Xero > Subscriptions The update will need to be completed by the Xero Subscriber for your account.

Sign in to Calxa and Navigate to:
Settings -> Billing & Admin -> Billing

This will open the Billing Management screen in a new browser tab

  1. Make sure that Subscriptions is selected on the left of the screen.

  2. Click on Subscribe Now shown at the right of your trial subscription.

  3. Profile information - complete your profile.

    Note if we already have your details, this screen will be filled in. Please check the current details are correct. The Currency for your invoices MUST be selected here. Click NEXT STEP.

    Enter profile details
  4. If your address is outside of Australia, the GST/VAT registration toggle will automatically switch on below the Country drop-down as shown below.

    Please only turn off the GST/VAT toggle if you are NOT registered in your own country.

    Please add your GST/VAT registration number if it is available, so that we do not have to add GST/VAT to your subscription amount. Click NEXT STEP

  5. Update the Subscription Name, this will show in the Subscription Screen.

    Update the Subscription Reference - this will appear on your invoices (optional). Click NEXT STEP

  6. Choose your Subscription plan. If you have a Promotion code, insert it on this screen at right.

    Choose Subscription plan
  7. Select the level of product - when selected an orange box will highlight your selection.

    If required, update the number of users and organisations by moving the sliders. The sliders start from the number of users/organisations included with the basic pricing.

    You can also add a Promo Code on this screen as well if you have one. Click NEXT STEP.

  8. Choose your preferred payment method, either Credit Card or Bank Direct Debit (Within Australia only).

    Note πŸ’¬ Payment details are retained externally from Calxa with the providers as noted in payment information window.

    Click SUBSCRIBE.

  9. A form will pop up relating to your chosen payment option. Fill in the payment details as appropriate. Click Pay Now.

    eWay payment window
  10. The payment will process and you will be returned to the Billing Management Screen with your new subscription displayed. The next payment due date will be noted.

  11. Edit Subscription allows you to move between subscription plans and add or remove additional users and organisations. See Upgrade or Downgrade Subscription for details.

  12. The ellipsis symbol allows you to Rename, Set or update a Reference, Change billing contact, Pause or Cancel the Subscription.

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