Change Log 13-02-2018
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Report Builder now ready to do Business Unit Reports and Multi-Org Consolidations

More reporting power added with business unit and multi-org reporting, plus you are now able manage your subscription in the self-service billing portal.

New: Consolidate Multiple Organisations

Just like the feature provided in the desktop app you can now consolidate multiple organisations using the report builder in the browser app. We have however gone beyond the power of the desktop feature in this case, now providing the ability to save organisational groups for easy re-use when consolidating the same organisations. The help article, Consolidate Multiple Organisations, provides more detail.

New: Business Unit Reporting

You can now run business unit reports in the report builder using business unit selections that you have pre-configured in the desktop app. We’re still working on the business unit selection editor, but we thought it made sense to release this part allowing you to use your existing saved selections. We’ll have the business unit selection editor in the next release. More details can be found in the help centre, check out the help note Report on Business Units.

New: Upgrade or Downgrade your Subscription

The self-service billing portal is taking further shape. You can now easily edit your existing subscription on the fly, which means you can add or subtract additional Organisations/Users and even switch between Premier or Express if required. Here are the relevant help articles: Purchase from a Trial and Upgrade / Downgrade Subscription.

Improved: All Report Templates are Now Available

All existing report templates available in the desktop app have now been converted into the online equivalent sporting our new modern report design. Since the new report builder has been significantly redesigned, and the templates have also been renamed, we’ve created this handy reference to help you find the online equivalent of a desktop templates.

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