Change Log 2020-08-11
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A maintenance release with lost of small improvements across workflows, business units and more.

Improved: Business Unit Selection Control

When running the Budget Factory or exporting budgets there is a control where you can select the required business units. for users with large lists it is difficult to select all and previously this control did not filter the inactive business units. This control now hides the inactive business units by default and includes Bulk Actions to Select All, Select None, Show Inactive and Hide Inactive.

Improved: Business Unit Selections with Long Names

When listing selections in the Business Unit Selection menu long names were previously truncated and no indication this had occurred. We've now added a tooltip of the full name which is found on mouse hover and any truncation is indicated by 3 dots.

Improved: Removed Custom Selection

In the Business Unit Selection menu we previously had a generic selection called 'Custom Selection". This selection was not shared with other users in your workspace and could not be used in report bundles. Generally this caused confusion and as a result we've now removed this option. All selections must now be a named and saved selection. For those who may have been using the Custom Selection option we have migrated all current Custom Selections to Saved Selections with the same name.

Improved: Workflows Menu Load Time

The Workflows menu was suffering from significant performance issues. This was related to the huge number of activity records which are filtered to display activities related to your workflows. We've improved the way we store and query this data and significantly improved the load time for the Workflows menu. We'll continue to monitor this as there may be more changes required.

Improved: Chart of Accounts & Business Units Menu

These 2 new menus were introduced as part of the recent ability to create an Unplugged or Manually created organisation in Calxa. These menus may however also be useful for connected organisations as they can be used to view and search the Chart of Accounts and Business Units that have been synced to Calxa. This functionality has been added to connected orgs as part of this release.

Improved: Change Email Address Process

Now when changing your email address we simply send a confirmation email to both the old and new email addresses. Previously we required confirmation with an email sent to the old address but this caused problems for users who either no longer had access to this email or simply entered an incorrect email address when registering.

Fix: Account Spelling for Unplugged Orgs

The default chart of accounts for Unplugged or Manually created organisations had a typo for the Depreciation Expense account which has been fixed for newly added organisations. If you previously created a manual organisation please review the Depreciation Expense account in the Manage Chart of Accounts for correct spelling.

Fix: Retained Earnings for Unplugged Orgs

We identified an issue with calculating the actual Retained Earnings closing balance for Actuals on Unplugged organisations and this has been resolved.

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