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Add a Manually Created Organisation
Add a Manually Created Organisation

This help note will show you how to add a Manually Created organisation to your workspace.

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There are many benefits to linking Calxa directly to your accounting system and this would be the preferred method if you use one of our supported integrations, however there are times where you may need to create an organisation manually in Calxa.

In this help article we show you how to create an organisation and either update your actuals directly in Calxa or import them from Excel.

Note: πŸ’¬ Only a subscription Owner and Co-Owner can add an organisation to a workspace.

Tip: πŸ’‘ if you need to create multiple companies which have similar chart of accounts or business units for example, add the first company as per below then save time by Copying the Organisation.

Navigate to:

Settings -> Billing & Admin -> Manage Organisations

This will open the Admin screen in a new browser tab

  1. Click on Add Organisation in left menu.

  2. Your current usage is displayed. This is the number of organisations you have connected from the maximum available.
    If required adjust the new capacity. You can increase the capacity by multiple at this point to avoid processing multiple upgrades when you intend to add multiple organisations. See Calxa Pricing for details on any additional charges.


  3. Select the Workspace where you would like to add your organisation, then click the NEXT STEP button.

  4. Choose I'm using a different accounting system and then select Create My Own Manual Organisation.

    Create my own manual organisation


  5. Enter the basic parameters for your organisation and click ADD ORGANISTION

  6. When processing is complete, set your preferences by selecting them from the drop-down menus in each section. Click ALL DONE when finished.

    Note: πŸ’¬ all preferences can be changed later if required.

Next Steps

When adding an organisation in this way and not directly linking it to your accounting data Calxa creates an empty organisation with a limited Chart of Accounts as a starting point. You'll need to manually manage your chart of accounts, taxes and business units before importing or adding your actuals and budgets for reporting. See the following help articles for details.Β 

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