Change Log 2020-12-08
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Add PDFs to bundles and import your chart of accounts and business units for unplugged organisations.

New: Add PDFs to Report Bundles

While you've always been able to add a Rich Text document into your bundles, this wasn't always perfect for formatting some content like reports from external systems. Many of you have requested the ability to add a PDF document into your bundle and this option is now available. Simply click Add a PDF in the Bundle menu and upload any PDF content. This will then be merged with your other bundle content. See Add a PDF to a Bundle for details.

New: Import Chart of Accounts & Business Units

Now when working with an Unplugged or manually created organisation you can import your Chart of Accounts or Business Units from an Excel worksheet or CSV file. You can use this process to update based on existing numbers or insert new records. See Import Data for Manual Organisation for details.

Fix: Business Unit Selections

We've made a couple of small improvements to the Business Unit Selection menu. Now when adding a new selection it is immediately selected for editing. In addition to this we've fixed an issue which was showing "0 of 0 selected" incorrectly, it now displays the correct numbers for selected and total business units.

Fix: Account Tree Buttons

In the Account Tree menu the Add Category and Add Header buttons were visible even when it didn't make sense to do this based on the current selection. For example, you can't edit the Original Account Tree, so these buttons are now disabled if you select the Original Account Tree.

Fix: Cumulative Accounts to Budget Chart

We recently identified this chart had not been upgraded to support consolidated Organisation Groups. This was an oversight, and this chart can now be used with Organisations Groups for consolidated reporting.

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