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Balance Sheet as Assets = Liability + Equity
Balance Sheet as Assets = Liability + Equity

North American Balance Sheet layout

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The default layout on Calxa Balance Sheet reports shows Asset - Liability = Equity as Net Assets = Equity. In some regions the preferred balance sheet layout shows Asset = Liability + Equity. In this help article we'll show you how to use an Account Tree to present your balance sheet with this layout.

Balance Sheet Report

  1. Create an Account Tree if you don't already have a custom one

  2. See the following help material for details on next steps

  3. Create the Category and Header structure as follows

    Account Tree Balance Sheet
    1. Category = Assets (no running total)

    2. Category = Liabilities & Equity (no running total)

      1. Header = Liabilities

      2. Header = Equity

  4. You can optionally add additional header accounts to create more levels

    Account Tree Headers Example

To run your Balance Sheet Report, in the Reports > Builder screen, choose the new Account Tree to display your report in the new format

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