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Account Tree: Edit Structure
Account Tree: Edit Structure

Edit your existing account tree structure and remap already allocated accounts to new locations.

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Account Trees in Calxa provide a truly flexible structure for mapping your chart of accounts from your accounting system to suit many different reporting requirements. You can regroup, rearrange and summarise your accounts, plus restructure the Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet layouts.

In this help article we look specifically at editing your existing structure and using Bulk Edit mode to re-map accounts within the existing structure.

Tips πŸ’‘: See Account Tree: Create Structure & Account Tree: Mapping Accounts to create a new tree.


Headers make up the main structure of the Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet layouts. They will help you create a hierarchy where you map your chart of accounts and later add calculations or KPIs.

Edit Header

  1. Click the settings cog in line with the header you would like to edit.

  2. Set header properties and click APPLY CHANGES

    Edit header settings animation

    1. Location: the header will be added as a sub-header/child in the the selected location.

    2. Account type: when adding to the root level where location is Profit and Loss or Balance Sheet you can set an Account Type. All sub-headers will inherit this account type. The account type property is used by report account type filters and also determines if values are displayed as negative or positive. For example, an expense account in an income type header will be displayed as a negative value.

    3. Number: numbers are used for ordering accounts in your account tree.

    4. Header name: the name that will be displayed on reports.

    5. Summary only: toggle on if you do not wish to see the detailed account values added to this header.

Note: πŸ’¬ to add a new header click ADD->Header and set the properties as above.


Calculation rows allow you to insert running totals or other sub-totals like Gross Profit or Net Surplus.

Edit Calculation

  1. Click the edit pencil next to calculation row you would like to edit.

  2. Set the calculation properties and click ADD CALCULATION

    Edit calculation row animation

    1. Location: the calculation row will be shown after the details of the selected header. For example, in a standard P&L layout the Gross Profit calculation is added to the Cost of Sales header to display it after your Cost of Sales details.

    2. Label for calculation: the label that will be displayed on your reports. For example, 'Gross Profit'.

    3. Formula: to build a formula start typing in the formula area and use the auto-complete suggestions or insert using the running total, components and operators buttons.

      1. RUNNING TOTAL: auto-creates a formula representing the running total of all headers in the tree up to this point.

      2. COMPONENTS: use account headers or other calculations as variables in your calculations.

      3. OPERATORS: maths operators like plus and minus.

Bulk Edit Mode

Bulk edit mode allows you to select and map multiple accounts that are already allocated in the tree to new header locations.

  1. Click BULK ACTIONS and select Enter bulk edit.

  2. Use a combination of Search and BULK ACTIONS to filter and Select all or click the checkboxes on the accounts you would like to map to a new location.

  3. Click BULK ACTIONS and select Move selected to choose a target location.

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