Dashboard Sharing

Share dashboards with other workspace users or via a public link.

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Dashboard sharing allows you to share individual dashboard configurations, either internally with workspace users or externally via a public link. A shared dashboard configuration includes the dashboard, Organisation and Budget selection, giving you full control on what should be shared with users.

Share Dashboard

  1. First configure the dashboard as per the Gallery or Builder help articles.

    1. Select the dashboard

    2. Set the Organisation & Budget

  2. Click the Share icon or in the builder use the 3 dots -> Share dashboard menu option.

    Animation configuring dashboard to share.

Share with workspace users

Note: πŸ’¬ user reporting permissions are not required to view dashboards. Simply share the dashboard for a selected organisation and budget and the user can view that dashboard configuration, regardless of their other reporting permissions.

  1. Search for an existing user and select them when shown.

  2. Click SHARE to share with this user.

    Animation showing share with workspace user.

Share with public link

A public link is a unique link that provides access to a dashboard configuration without the need to have a Calxa user account and sign in. It can be viewed by anybody with the link.

⚠️ Who can access a public link?

Anybody on the internet with the public link can view the content of the dashboard.

  1. Click the Enable public link toggle to turn it to the on position.

  2. Click the COPY LINK option to copy the link to your clipboard.

  3. Paste the link to share it via email, or another messaging tool.

Manage Shared Dashboards

The sharing menu provides an overview of your public sharing links and a full list of dashboards shared with the users in your workspace.

Browse to Dashboards -> Dashboard Tools -> Sharing

Dashboard sharing menu.


Manage public links

This menu provides a list of all your public links including meta data about when the link was last opened and how many times it has been opened.

Disable public link

When a link is disabled access to the dashboard via this link will also be disabled. Click the toggle to toggle between the enabled and disabled states. Disabling a public link does not change the link when it is reenabled, see Reset below.

Disable public links toggles.

Copy, Reset & delete public link

To access these options use the 3 dots menu next to each of the public links.

Options menu shown on a public link.

Copy public link

Copies the public link to your clipboard so you can paste to share via email, or another messaging tool.

Reset public link

If you wish to create a new link for the same configuration so the existing link no longer works you can use the Reset public link option.

Delete public link

This option permanently deletes the shared configuration. To share this configuration again you would need to follow the share with public link steps above.

Workspace users

Select a user to see a full list of dashboards that have been shared with this user.

Dashboards shared with a user.

Bulk share with existing user

  1. Click the SHARE DASHBOARD button to open the bulk share dialog.

  2. Select a dashboard from the dropdown menu.

  3. Then add the organisation and budget configurations you'd like to share.

  4. Repeat from Step 2 for any additional dashboards you want to share.

Open, copy and delete dashboard share

Open the dashboard in a new window, copy a link to the dashboard or delete the share.

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