Troubleshooting - Budget Values

A guide to help find 'ghost' amounts in the Budgets & Actuals area, or if your reports are not balancing with the Budget Screen.

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Ghost amounts included in Totals

If the Income, Cost of Sales, Expense totals do not seem to be correct compared to the values in the detail accounts within the section, it can appear that the Total rows have ‘ghost’ amounts in them.

To find the values that are being included in the total amounts, you need to reveal all the rows, so assuming you are in the Accounts Layout under Filter -> Bulk actions -> Show Inactive.

Show inactive accounts

You may also need to show the inactive Business Units, Expand Business Unit Side Bar -> Bulk Actions -> Show inactive.

This should then reveal all the amounts that are included in the Total rows and you can either remove the Budget values if the accounts / business units are indeed inactive, or if they should be included, make them active again in your Accounting programme and re-sync to Calxa to restore them.

Values that are not in the Budget Screen

The Budget and/or Cashflow reports may contain amounts that are not shown in the Budget screen as they are being calculated automatically by Calxa in the background.

These are driven by the accounts that are nominated in the Cashflow Settings. To see these accounts, toggle on Show Empty Rows:

Show Empty Rows

In the Budget grid, any accounts that are nominated in the Cashflow Settings will have blank lines, which cannot be edited, as the values are being calculated. These accounts will also be marked with a symbol:

Check for any accounts that are being indicated as Nominated in Cashflow Settings which may be unusual, these may be Profit & Loss accounts or Balance Sheet accounts. Then review the Report to see if these accounts are reporting amounts incorrectly. It is possible that a nominated account could have been made inactive.

Navigate to Budgets & Cashflow -> Cashflow Settings

Review the items in the left menu to find the place that the account has been nominated and what is being calculated. For any settings that say multiple accounts are selected, click the drop down arrow to review and check exactly which accounts are being included.

Please note that some settings MUST have an account nominated, for example Trade Debtors / Trade Creditors.

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