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Change Log 2021-11-23

Improvements to subscription admin, permissions and Where Did Our Money Go.

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New: Using Actuals added to Where Did Our Money Go

Both the Where Did Our Money Go chart and report now have the "Using Actuals up to" option in the report criteria. This provides greater flexibility in reporting on Actuals, Forecast or Budgets.

New: Business Units added for QuickBooks France

Previously business unit features were not available for French companies, however we've now added support for syncing Classes, Locations and Customers to our French QuickBooks integration. See Business Unit Configuration to configure which Business Units you require in Calxa.

New: Transfer Subscription Ownership and Update Billing Contact

Occasionally there are circumstances that require you transfer the subscription ownership or update the billing contact to another user. For example when you have a change of staff, or you trial Calxa on behalf of one of your clients. We've now added the ability to transfer ownership and/or billing contacts as part of the Admin & Billing portals.

New: Delete Old Subscriptions

We've now provided an option where you can delete subscriptions. For some of our partners with multiple subscriptions or long time users who may have old trials still listed on their account this means that you can tidy things up and remove old subscriptions. This does require that the subscription is first in a cancelled state, as it does delete all associated data and is not recoverable.

New: Permissions on Published Folders

As a subscription Owner or Co-Owner you can now specify which workspace users should have access to Published Reports. This is a simple toggle in the User Permissions setup either allowing or blocking access to the Published Reports menu.

Improved: Accounting System Budget in Formulas

You can now use your accounting system budget, such as your Xero budget as the data source in budget formulas.

Fix: Reports Appear to Hang

We identified that in some cases when running reports from the Report Bundles menu the report generation could complete before the connection was established to receive the completed report. The result being the report is never delivered and users must run the report again. We've improved the reliability of delivery by ensuring the connection is established before generating the report.

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