Change Log 2021-09-14

Improvements to budget comments and Xero Reconnect.

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Improved: Budget Comments Entry

We've made a number of small improvements to the budget comments entry on the Budget Builder. You can now copy and paste comments into the entry dialog where previously you could not, and there is also a new scroll bar for those of you with long comments. Lastly we've fixed an issue where saved comments were not immediately visible.

Improved: Reconnect Xero Organisation

From time to time your authentication tokens may become out of sync which means Calxa can no longer connect to Xero. This generally requires that you Connect to Xero again, however when you do this, Xero shows the organisation as already connected. It's wasn't immediately obvious that there was a Continue button as it was off the bottom of the window and required users to scroll. We've increased the height of the Xero authentication dialog so you can now more easily see the Continue with # Organisations button. See Reconnect a Xero Organisation for more details.

Fix: MYOB Retained Earnings

After introducing a new feature in our previous update that allowed users to sync balance sheet amounts for MYOB Jobs, we unfortunately introduced an issue where the Retained Earnings account was incorrectly reported. This problem only occurred when users also had the Include Years option under General Settings filtered to Current or Current and Previous. This issue has now been fixed. If you do still find an issue with Retained Earnings in your MYOB organisations please see this troubleshooting guide.

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